The Hepworth Gallery & Yorkshire Sculpture Park – Wakefield – September 2016


The Hepworth Gallery – 



Richard Smith – Logo Suite, 1971 (set of 10 vacuum formed plastic prints)

This series caught my eye straight away, because they are very much like my own style, in terms of the colour pallet and playful design. At first I thought that these pieces were flat, but looking closer, each piece is raised slightly which is from the vacuum form process of creating the shape.





David Storey – Extracts from sketchbooks, 2006-2012 (paper, pen,pastel,crayon, watercolour,inks,acrylic paint)

The pictures above don’t really do this room any justice, but anyway it was filled with 7 shelves that were all full of these small drawings, paintings and doodles. Each one lined up to the next and every single design was different. All of the pieces were taken out of the artist’s sketchbooks from 2006-2012, and as well as these, there was a display case with more sketchbooks on show, including an iPad, which featured more doodles that could be scrolled through. There were so many drawings, that after I finished looking around the rest of the gallery, I went back to this room just incase I had missed something.

Video link –

David Storey @ The Hepworth Wakefield



Barbara Hepworth – Winged Figure, 1961-2 (Aluminium, with Isopon for surface texture)

This enormous Hepworth piece took up nearly half of the room, and it was quite overwhelming for me standing underneath it. As soon as I saw it, it did remind me of a pair of wings, which funnily enough was right after looking at the sculptures information. I liked the use of the aluminium bars that were crossing across the sculpture, for some reason this reminded me of a nest that was intertwined.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park – 


Henry Moore (open air bronze collection) – Two Large Forms, 1966-69

I think this was one of the first large scale Henry Moore sculptures that I have ever seen. It was set in the park with a collection of bronze sculptures all by Moore, and placed in a way so they could interact with the surrounding landscape. I loved walking around and through this sculpture, even just standing directly in the centre of the piece, felt like you were safe and protected from the outside. wether this was the intension on this piece or not, I’m not entirely sure.


KAWS – Final Days, 2013(wood)

KAWS @ the Yorkshire Sculpture Park


Not Vital – Moon, 2015 (stainless steel)

I don’t really know too much about this sculpture as I couldn’t seem to find the information plate for it. Anyway I loved this piece, it was fun to see your own reflection on the moon, even if it was slightly distorted by the shape. And running your fingers over the craters indented all over was strangely pleasing.

More images from the day….







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