Chester Degree Show – 15/06/2017


Nathan Lowndes  –  ‘What makes a painting?’

These pieces were created under the investigation and exploration of  ‘what makes paining?’.  I was drawn to these sculptures almost right away, as the first thing that sprung to mind was ‘deconstruction’ (later reading the artists statement to find I was right on that matter) He has taken the materials that are found in a regular painting e.g. the wood for the frame, the canvas fabric and the paint. And re-invented them so that the ‘painting’ can be viewed in the way you would normally look at a sculpture/installation.  It is questioning what catagory this collection of pieces would be put into, wether that be a painting or a sculpture piece. My favourite part about this collection is how the artist has decided to display them, some pieces being hung up on the wall (as you would a painting) , but also moving into a position that they are free standing.




Clare Owens – Textiles – ‘If repetitive practice creates a space what sort of space is it?’

Expanding on the field of drawing in relation to repetition, abstraction, monochrome and minimalism.



Jill Walker – Painting  fields and the paths



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