University of Chester Degree Show – 15/06/2017




Sarah Bretherton  – Flowers

I fell in love with these pieces straight away. I love any type of art that features flowers, either real, fake, or decaying. The vase piece was filled with a few different types of flowers that were complete dead and decaying, or just starting to wilt, with some others looking still slightly fresh but some how preserved in time. The vase piece brought ideas to mind of a flower arrangement that had been forgotten about and left to wilt and disintegrate. I guess that is the sad side of watching beautiful flowers turn to mulch. The presentation of the flowers in the homemade plaster vase is a huge contrast to the intricate flowers. The heavy appearance of the vase with the neutral tones of the natural material, I feel complements the arrangement of the decaying bouquet. I think that the way the piece was displayed in the exhibition drew attention to the flowers over everything else about the pieces.




Nathan Lowndes  –  ‘What makes a painting?’

These pieces were created under the investigation and exploration of  ‘what makes paining?’.  I was drawn to these sculptures almost right away, as the first thing that sprung to mind was ‘deconstruction’ (later reading the artists statement to find I was right on that matter) He has taken the materials that are found in a regular painting e.g. the wood for the frame, the canvas fabric and the paint. And re-invented them so that the ‘painting’ can be viewed in the way you would normally look at a sculpture/installation.  It is questioning what catagory this collection of pieces would be put into, wether that be a painting or a sculpture piece. My favourite part about this collection is how the artist has decided to display them, some pieces being hung up on the wall (as would a painting) , but also moving into a position that they are free standing.




Reem Al-Barazi – ‘Hanging’




Clare Owens (Masters) – ‘If repetitive practice creates a space what sort of space is it?’

Expanding on the field of drawing in relation to repetition, abstraction, monochrome and minimalism.



Jill Walker (Masters) – Painting  fields and the paths



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