Manchester School of Art Degree Show – 09/06/2017


Emily Chapman – Sculpture – ‘A kind of light spread out from her’

This has to be my favourite piece from the degree show. This sculpture is made from MDF, resin, acrylic primer and spray paint. I love everything about it, from the way the pieces are individual and how they have been assembled, to the colour palette used, and even how it almost had centre space in this area of the show. I walked around the piece a couple of times because I was so interested in what they had been made out of, and I was interested to know if they had been made to be displayed exactly like this, of were assembled this way after the making process.



Ash Van Dyck – Interactive art ‘Online commentary’


Some of my favourites……….

“There’s a fine line between Art and Bollocks”

“Reminds me of something my 6 yr old niece is fond of making and thats not art either”

“It’s the latest in a large body of work that I call ‘taking the piss'”

“Call that art? My pet magpie could (and does) do better”

“This crap is not art! It’s just crap. Why do we let these morons away with this??”



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