ARK Sculpture Exhibition – Chester Cathedral – 07/07/2017



Damien Hirst – False Idol

For me, this was the first time seeing a ‘Damien Hirst’ piece up close. He is a powerhouse artist in the competitive art world, and I can’t believe how long it has taken me to see one of his pieces in person.  I found it quite shocking at first, if I’m honest (being an animal lover) but from studying the piece at bit longer. I began to appreciate the planning and work that went in to making this piece, and something I noticed last was that the calf had golden hooves (maybe even solid/real gold) matching with the gold encasing of the calf in the formaldehyde.  The piece was the central sculpture in the South Transept of the Cathedral, which was planned very well,  because with the piece being quite large,  it was deserving to take centre stage in the show.



Michael Joo – Stubbs (Absorbed)


Abigail Fallis – Dagon


Daniel Chadwick – Whale

This beautiful piece was hanging from the historical ceilings of the cathedral, in the area of St Werburg’s Chapel.  The blue glow of the piece was created by a light shining on it from higher up, which made each of the segments luminous (made from a transparent material). With the contrast of the light, the materials and the overall shape of the piece, made it altogether look so delicate, that it was almost floating in the halls of the Cathedral.



David Nash – Beaver Chew Dome


Peter Randall-Page – Fructus, Phyllotaxis, Corpus

It was hard to avoid seeing these impressive sculptures. They were located in the courtyard area, just by the main entrance of the Cathedral. My mind instantly went to thinking that they looked like giant dragons eggs from Game of Thrones. (nerdy reference) I liked how each egg had a different pattern design, that I assume represents three separate meanings. I found it slightly strange to see these sculptures in this setting, as just behind them stands the old Roman streets and Tudor buildings of Chester. It’s great that all of these sculptures can be seen in the city, and be accessible for everyone.


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