MA in Fine Art lecture – by Maxine Bristow

One of the final professional practice lectures was lead by my own personal tutor, Maxine Bristow. The lecture was geared towards studying an MA in fine art, and specifically the course at Chester, which is run by Maxine. The talk was very informative, and answered all of the questions I had about doing a Masters in fine art, from the structure of the course to tuition fees and the application process.

Since coming to university, I have known about doing a MA in fine art, but I never thought it was something I would be capable of. But I find that through gaining confidence during the undergrad course in fine art, I am more than capable of doing a Masters within the same field of study. The option to do a masters will always be open to me, whether I apply for the course to start right after my current one, or if I decided to take a year out then return back to studying. Either way, the talk Maxine gave and the handout of information about the MA was incredibly useful and I believe came just at the right time, as I’m starting to make big decisions about my future.




“I’m just an individual who doesn’t feel that I need to have somebody qualify my work in any particular way. I’m working for me.”

–  David Bowie

Studio Reflection – Degree show planning

As the degree show draws nearer, its time to think about what my final work will look like. But with this, I need to decide on the layout and the location of my sculptures. I know that I definitely want my work to go in the smaller gallery space which is room 072, because I feel that this space has more of a maturity and professionalism to the space.

I want to display a series of my work, so I have decided to use 1 medium regular plinth, alongside 2 floor plinth. (1 rectangular and the other square). I have been playing around with the layout of the plinths to decided on an arrangement that works the best. (see below) I need to make sure that I take in to account the space around the plinths for health and safety reasons. But also when I measure the space, as this information will have to be put in a degree show proposal when I request my space.




(sneak peak…)


Tate Britain & Tate Modern, London – 04/04/2018

Over the easter break, me and a couple of my course mates had a day trip to London, mostly to visit the two Tate galleries, which is a must for any art student. It wasn’t too long ago that I went to the Tate modern, but I found some new pieces that I missed last time I went.

Tate Britain












(My favourite piece, Ophelia, 1851/52)


Tate Modern

















The Next Chapter…

Back when I first started university, there was always that worry of ‘what am I going to do next?’ which I will admit at times did worry me a little too much. But now I can’t ignore the fact that my 3 years at Chester will soon be ending, and I will have to think about the future. I feel that my options are still pretty open, because no matter what I go on to do next I will always be an artist, and will always keep creating as often as possible.

I think now I have spent enough time in education, so after I finish in June and graduate in October (I think?) I want to have some time to myself. I am planning on still making art, but for my own self enjoyment, rather than on the basis of getting graded. And with this I would hopefully like to enter some competitions, to see if my work is good enough. I may come back to higher education at some point, as the option will always be open to me. However, right now I feel that I need a bit of break to find myself (without sounding too weird).

Something that I have always wanted to pursue is the art of tattooing. I have always loved the idea of becoming a tattoo artist (as I currently have quite a few tattoos myself), but I have always had that self doubt on my drawing abilities. But with coming to university, it had strengthened my opinions and my quality of work. To the point where I think this could be a possible career path for me. Obviously I will have a long way to go, but I think having had the determination to come to university, and to not sound too big headed ‘do pretty well’ on my course. I know that I am capable if I put my mind to it!


Lesley Halliwell – Guest Speaker


Blast, 1387 Minutes – 2007 – Biro pen on paper

Lesley’s Website

The most recent guest speaker was Lesley Halliwell, we had met Lesley way back in first year as she guided one of our very  first modules. But this time she came back to talk to us about her journey in the arts and her creative process.

Lesley spoke about her education and deciding to to a masters, which was when she first began to play with the Spirograph motif. She talked about the process of making her drawings which can be a long and painful process, however that is the nature of the style she has developed. Lesley has had exhibitions of her work all over the country, with her drawings coming in all sizes and pattern layouts.


Negotiated Studio Practice – Car Park Project

The other studio practice module I took this year was basically another site specific module, only that we had been given free rein of 2 car parks in the centre of Chester. This opportunity was given to us by Ken Prior, who works for Cheshire West and Chester, who oversees the car parks in question as well as other transport areas in Chester. As this project was an open project (give or take) I decided I wanted to make bright bold sculptures that would be eye catching in the dull spaces of the car park. I chose to make some sculptures of the Trinity Street car park, as I felt it needed something bold to add to its dull concrete structure.

My final pieces were 3 large pink ‘blob’ sculpture which were made out of expanding foam and with splatters of acrylic paint. Below are some images of the final space where I chose to display my work. A space that would otherwise be overlooked by the everyday users of the car park. I got great feedback from my peers about these sculptures, as there is an element of humour to them, because at first glance they could resemble giant piles of bird poo. I enjoyed making such weird pieces for this space, and hopefully they will stay there for the long hall. (till the car park gets refurbished anyway)